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As visual technology continues to improve and change the way we see things we see new opportunities, where once you couldn’t visualise a massive TV screen, such as in public areas because of fear of damage now with new and tough technology you can! Introducing our new XTREAM SCREEN! The new XTREME SCREEN is designed with patent tough technology to protect the LEDs. On our XTREME SCREEN you can spill even hot coffee on the screen and won’t damage it, it has an IP67 water resistant grade, and a special impact resistant glue to protect the LEDs, With a Pixel pitch of 1.8mm to 2.5mm makes the XTREME SCREEN for video’s ideal for places like subways, city shopping centres, trains and bus stations and many more. 

Brookfield Plaza, NEW YORK CITY.
An example of wall placement of video screens where possible damage may occur through public interactions, With XTREME SCREEN drastically reduces damage with impact resistant glue to protect the LEDs and IP67 water resistant to make the screen water-proof with combination of both technology that even if coffee or warm liquids spill on to the surface of the screens wont damage the screen. 

Content Is King

YouTube Video

You can have the best Visual displays but if you have poor content you can turn an amazing display into a big waste of money, its like having a new Rolls Royce but nothing inside. When our clients want excellent visual content and Software we use our partners from Acquire Digital from the UK, Neil Far The Director of the company has put together an amazing and talented team, here is two examples of their work with our S1 series LED Display,one in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace and the other a well known Mall in New York City. 


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When you see the XTREME SCREEN IN 4K you will be very impress with the vivid colours, in fact in this video the content looks almost 3D that is how clear the XTREME SCREEN is . The pixels are 1.8mm and refresh rate is 3840Hz, another reason why the XTREME is popular is because its tough! With impact resistant LED panels can handle solid impacts with out damaging the screen, and with its high water-proof rating of IP 67 for the panels, can handle accidental spills that may happen in public areas. A recent installation in Airport, supermarkets, retail stores, subways, bus and train stations as well as hire departments in AV production companies, Perfect for public area video advertising for a business that wishes to have a medium to sell advertising, there is a lot of applications where the XTREME 💻 is 👌 for video display. A 2K interactive touch XTREME SCREEN is available as well. Worldwide distribution, for specifications and



Recent installation of the 4K XTREME SCREEN in Nelson Airport, South Island, New Zealand, 3m x 1.5m, Installed and supplied from our New Zealand distributor Cloud Digital Media who are a Wellington-based visual signage company, Managing Director Andrew McCracken, who has worked on many high profile applications supplying high-quality digital displays and signage for businesses said he wanted to supply a high impact visual screen that is easy to set up, durable and long-lasting as it will be operating long hours at the airport. The XTREME SCREEN has impact resistant LED panels and high water-proof rating for screen protection. This 4K Screen as-high pixels of 1.8mm making the visuals very impressive at close distance as well as further a way viewing. If you are based in New Zealand and want to find out more about the XTREME SCREEN or any other visual displays for business please contact Cloud Digital Media on +64 4 576 0027, email:Andrew@cloud.co.nz Head Office, Level 1, 1 Market Grove, Lower Hutt, Wellington 5010. From overseas please email info@atl-lighting.com


Seamless Connection
XTREME Rental, the above model is our rental version with quick and easy locking mechanisms to build your XTREME video wall.
XTREME Wall mounted version for permanent installation.
Front access,
4K 1.8mm Pixels bring out amazing real life colours that puts the viewer into the picture

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Water and hammer test.

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Introducing the XTREME SCREEN TOUCH! New Xtreme is an LED display designed for use in public areas, The Xtreme Screen has impact resistance glue cover to protect the LEDs and reduce potential damage as well as a high water-proof rating of IP67 for the LED panels protecting from spills. The XTREME SCREEN TOUCH is a 2k display that has an interaction touch screen which is very handy for education and corporate presentations. Excellent for retail where you have the display at the entrance of the store and customers can interact to find products, latest sales and promotions etc. Create a seamless Video wall With the XTREAM SCREEN to wow and impress people with your video messages. Two models, XTREME SCREEN TOUCH 2K and XTREAM SCREEN 4K non touch, Pixel pitch models, 1.8mm 2mm, 2.5mm. For quotes and information please email info@atl-lighting.com

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