ATL-ATP Transparent Video Banners

Two colours to pick from, Gold and Silver.

The ATP Billboard screen is designed to be placed on the inside of business windows to capture the attention of walking traffic. If placed in daylight situation such as direct sunlight facing the screen the screen needs to be bright enough to be seen clearly, to do this we use high bright LEDs, The average LED TV have about 800nits of brightness where as our ATP screens have 5000nits brightness assuring good visual in daylight. You can make up your own videos and promotions to play on the screen but make sure the words are bold otherwise small print won’t be visible from a distance. You can use power point presentation or download smart make your own adds Apps. You can connect directly to PC or Laptop or you can Wifi your promotion to the screen via mobile devices, you can time code and loop your advertising to your desire.We can set all this up for you so you can start playing the promotions.Truely a 21st century way of advertising saving money and time on traditional posters and giving you full control on how to present your business to the public.

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Heres a Simulation on how you can use the ATP Transparent video screen For Advertising. The transparent screen with movable animation are far better to attract the eye than still images from traditional printed form of advertising, with the capacity of uploading images and videos in minutes means you reduce wait times on getting posters made up and delivered which often takes weeks. You can time code your adds and loop so you can have multiple adds on one screen rather than having multiple posters. The ATP Screen is designed so you can play in sunny conditions making this screen a excellent visual point of sale tool for your marketing.

YouTube Video

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Alvyn Long,
Dec 30, 2018, 5:44 PM