ATL-Crius LED Posters

ATL CRIUS Series is a specially designed product targeting indoor HD intelligent LED advertising players with highly integrated hardware, ultra-thin and light body. The structure of the whole series is light and thin with quicks and easy maintenance, and the integrated intelligent controller can achieve a smooth video display, which has a better performance on display effect and user experience. Installation options including foot-mounting and wall-mounting etc., which are available for all CRIUS products. In addition, CRIUS supports WIFI and mobile APP communication. The biggest highlight is the release of APP materials with remote clustered-control and management of internet, improve the customers’ advertisement putting efficiency and increase the benefits.


· Optional installation solutions  
  Hanging , foot-mounting and wall-mounting can be selected. 

· Various work modes  
  In addition to a single module work independently, multiple modules can be combined together creatively. 

· Multiple communication modes  
  Communication via USB, network cable and WIFI, increasing service efficiency.

· Internet remote cluster control and management  
  At office, home and other places, user can send the broadcast content to CRIUS anywhere   in the world, and even conduct cross-control (multiple advertisers sharing) and graded playback.
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