Easy Seen Video Posters

Easy Seen Video Poster
Our Easy Seen video Poster is a led advertising board, round double sided screen shaped flashing display.
Application of LED display screen.
Gives business full use of creating their own advertising, through Wifi they can upload advertising images and videos from their own smart device to the Easy Screen with ease with our App.
Because of its visual effectiveness and ease of uploading images and video the Easy Seen Video Poster with its unique advantages,has gradually replaced the traditional billboards, light boxes,etc. LED display advertising has become a new force in the media industry.
Traditional advertising can only show pictures, But LED display/led video wall/led screen can perfect combine text, pictures, video, and sound with high resolution,high brightness and full color! LED Easy Screen display can easily attract the attention of pedestrians with high quality images and video
Easy Screen Round Led displays now are widely applied in outside applications such as coffee shop,restaurants, bars, stores, etc.

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