HoloFan, Hologram Display Release date March 25th

Holofan specifications (release date March 25/2018)
  • Screen dimension -50cm in diameter 
  • Appearance (Appearance) black double leaves, white double leaves
  • Display functions-Video, Pictures, GIF, MP3
  • Resolution-512 * 512
  • Wifi-support
  • Viewing Angle 175º
  • Power -less than 10W
  • TF / SD Card - Micro SD (TF Card)
  • App-Android, Apple (February 2018 App Store on line)
  • Display Support Format- MP$, AVI, MPEG, WMV, jpg, jpeg, gif, png,bmp, MP3
  • Speaker function -built-in speakers with audio melody control strip display dynamic,ic effects.
  • Shell material-ABS,PC aluminium alloy
  • Warranty one year 
  • Anti-theft features-integrated anti theft system

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Key specifications/special features:
3D holographic display is our newest and best 3D hologram advertising player, based on chip and led technology. It uses a SD card to allow 3D video to appear floating in the air, the effect can be said to be quite unique.

The content on multiple 3D holographic displays installed together can be synchronized to form big amazing 3D image.
It can be used in shopping mall, shop store, exhibition and marketing promotion, can draw customers' attention well. It is really a best choice if you want to increase sales and receive high brand exposure in an innovative way.


1. Plug-and-play
2. Easy to install
3. Light-weight
4. Cost-effective


1. Store
2. Shopping mall
3. Museums hall
4. Exhibition
5. Advertising
6. Product launch
7. Supermarket and more