Wifi Holoprojector

Holoprojector,3D images that look like a Hologram 
Multiple Holoprojectors up to 9 units can be connected to play one larger image or animation.

Two new Wifi models, one model to use to upload videos pictures etc and play back. 2nd model design to be connected to multiple units up to 9 Holoprojectors to pay back one large image or video, can not play individually.
The Holoprojector is an amazing bit of technology.
1, You can upload and manage photos and videos to TF card by APP, no need to take TF card out.
2, You can take photo and video by your iPhone or Android camera, then display on the blade.
3, You can transfer the videos and photos from you iPhone camera roll to TF card by App
4, No need for complicated video format transfer by PC software, App will do that for you while you upload the file, We also provide PC software in TF card.
5, You can control the blade by the App, Choose the video to display the play mode, Single cycle or order play.
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HoloStand for 42cm Holoprojector.
410mm High (16inch)
Optional Table Stand For Holoprojector 
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