Interactive Multitaction Touch Screen

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With Multitaction canvus, teams get better results when the work together. It will always be the most productive part of the working day. Giving employees the opportunity to brainstorm, create and share ideas on the unlimited collaborative work space. Using our unique collaboration tool is as natural as using a traditional whiteboard as our market leading technology can pick up any number of fingers, pens or objects at any one time. Create, save and share your MT Canvus content with whoever you want.

ATL Lighting Systems ltd Sellers of Multitaction Screens from Finland.
The iWall Multitaction screen is one of the most sophisticated screen in the world, design so businesses can concentrate on content rather than on how to use. Incredible device with user friendly Programme for working on information and easy presentation to clients or students. The ability to demonstrate visual information at a touch and send that information from the screen at-a touch by network to students and clients on their mobile devices instantly arround the world.

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