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75'' Freestanding Sunlight Readable Outdoor Display With IP65 Water Resistance 

 ATL Professional LCD Monitors will catch the attention of your customers. High resolution, high performance could meet all kinds of needs of commercial users. ATLmonitors have a wide range screen sizes from 10" to 84" with 24/7 applications, EcoFriendly LED Backlit commercial displays consume 30% less power than CCFL-Backlit models, prolong the lifetime of LCD Screen itself. All monitors are with VGA/DVI/HDMI inputs, could connect with any type media player box, PC and video devices.

Key Features:
• 75 inch Double Sided LCD Monitor
• 3840x2160 resolution
• 2500nits high brightness
• VGA/HDMI inputs
• Air condition for cooling and heating system
• Sunlight readable and dustproof function
• IP65 waterproof function
• Light sensor

Application Areas
• Hospitals
• Retail Stores
• Shopping Malls
• Supermarkets
• Museums and Galleries
• Airports
• Train/Bus Stations

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Aug 11, 2019, 7:08 PM