T8 Linear LED Battens Lights

Replace Fluorescent Fittings
And save 50% Energy!

Models ATL T8 Batten Series
 T8 Linear Batten lighting fixture is a slim line LED  Fixture to replace old outdated fluorescent tube fittings. Far lighter than a standard 1.2m or 1.5m double fluorescent tube fixture it is easy to install and replace at the end of its life. With two high quality LED strips in the fixture gives a wide dispersal of light which is what you need especially if you have shelving. Narrow beam LED fixtures cause shadows in shelving making it hard for staff and customers to see the products and sales tags. 

A Stream line light fixture with the ability to easily connect power to the next fixture means you can create a continues line of light which is ideal for supermarkets, workshops, hallways, schools, offices etc. Easy connection for electricians to hard wire reduces installation times that is often problematic for other linear LED fixtures. 

With 40-50% energy saving over traditional fluorescent fittings and a life of up to 50,000 hours makes this product a must for companies wanting to reduce their energy cost and lower maintenance. When replacement is needed this product is design to be replace easily and quickly lowering electrical labor cost. With five varieties you can chose from dimmable to wifi to emergency fittings which gives flexibility to custom fit the fixture for the job. Lower purchasing cost makes this an extremely inviting product to replace fluorescent battens with a good ROI! Contact Us 
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  • Light source: Adopt brightest SMD LED chip as light source.
  • Light weight 6063 aluminum for rapid heat dissipation.
  • Power: High stable performance, PF>0.9, AC100-240V, High conversion efficiency, EMC/EMI approve
  • Technology: Electrostatic spray painting and anticorrosive treatment of the surface with integrated design, high light efficiency 120lm/W, CRI >80
  • Beam angle: 120º-150º
  • Using PC cover in UL V.2 Level, and End cap in UL V.2 level, both are fire proof.
  • Modular design, 
  • Dialux simulation available.
  •  3-8 metre high ceiling
  • Supermarkets,car-parking,warehouse,offices,factory,library, gym, airport, hotel, bus depot, schools, railway station etc.

  • Rated wattage: 10W/20/30/40/60W
  • Size: 600mm, 900mm, 120mm,1500mm
  • LED Brand: Epistar
  • Higher Lumen, up to 130LM/W
  • Non-waterproof and IP65 Waterproof versions.
  •  Life; Up 50,000 hours
  • working voltage 110V-240V 
  • Two connection methods to extra fittings, one with gab and one with out.
  • Replacement for Fluorescent fitting.
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Certification: CE, RoHS, SAA, LVD, EMC,UL
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T8 LED Battens for Schools and offices reduce energy by 50% reduce wast as the fittings have a life of up to 50.000 hours. Save energy and wast while helping the environment!

T8 80W LED Battens.

Additional features


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1. PC cover,transimttance up to 95%.
2. Aluminum housing for heat dissipation.
3. System Rating is 70,000hrs.
4. 5 years Warranty.
5. High brightness Epistar chip,lumenmax SMD2835.
6. High quality silica gel used. IP65 Grade waterproof.

Test & Certifications:
UL,DLC, SAA, CE , ROHS, PSE,  ISO9001  Listed, IP65 Compliant, LM-80, LM-79, IES Files Avail.




Installation Form Waterproof fitting

Optical System ( example 60w )

Easy power connection to more fixtures

Continues line connection,
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