4K Front Projection Film

4K Front Projection Film
ATL High Definition 4K Front Projection Film creates a high-definition image to allow viewing audience to experience a very high contrast and bright image. It is the best projection film to use for home cinema and front projection.
4K Film is a specialist front projection film designed to perform in brightly lit environments and daylight. It was developed for high-end audiovisual installs in venues such as airports, sports stadiums and shopping malls.
4K Film offers superior brightness, contrast and black levels recreating life-like images with perfect colour reproduction.
Type: Projection Film for front projection
Color: Ultra Gain Gray
Material: Optical Projection film
Viewing Angle: 150º
Contrast: 800:1
Thickness: 110 microns
Size: 1524x30000mm
Dimension of Roll: 1524 x 2500mm, 1524 x 5000mm, 1524 x 10000mm, 1524x30000mm
Delivery: 3 business day

Primary applications: 
Retail stores & shopping centres
Conference / meeting rooms
Airport, train & bus stations
Sports stadiums
Museums & visitor attractions
Car showrooms
Restaurants, bars & clubs
Packing detail:
Single screen orders will ship in a sturdy cardboard tube.
Large projection film screen orders, partial and full rolls will ship in a long cardboard box with a tube of rear projection film safely packaged inside.
All of the productions are inspected carefully by QC before delivery
Delivery time:
Projection Film Products available for quick shipping and standard in-stock items
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