Eye Touch

Eye Touch is a digital display tablet with remote-controlled distribution and playback of digital content (TV programs, advertising, menus, and every sort of information) on networks of displays. These displays can range from digital billboards to much smaller screens, either at a single location or across multiple sites. It’s all about targeting the audience with relevant information. Eye Touch enables users to display their messages more dynamically and targeted. 

Eye Touch uses Android operating platform.The application provides the features of updating the content from remote web browser, playback of video content, image, HTML web pages and scrolling text messages.

Key Features.

  • Android 5.1 operating system.
  • Rock-chip RK3288 Quad-core CPU
  • 2/4GB DDR3 + 8/16GB Flash
  • 802.11 b/g/n internal Wifi
  • Remote Management Software
Designed for:
  • POS
  • Hotel
  • Self-service Terminal
  • Public Information Display
  • Hospitality
  • Luxury Car Showroom
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YouTube Video

The Eye Touch Video Hub is an excellent tool for luxury car showrooms, by placing the hub near the featured cars, people can easily see additional information about the vehicle, such as various models, colour and Interior option, performance and engine specifications, pricing etc, potential clients can have simple interest and contact forms to fill out, easy to upload information such as images and video files, the Eye Touch has two inbuilt speakers. Truly a marvellous interactive hub to educate and engage people on your luxury vehicle. 

YouTube Video

To order email: info@atl-lighting.com or call +64 21 1914 524
World wide delivery 2-3 weeks.
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