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PlaceMakers Christchurch, New Zealand

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To overcome the lack of lighting filtering into the shelving area, we installed a high brightness Led strips 2000lm P/m, Colour 5000K, The strips improve lighting in display shelves to make product awareness and so customers can easily read the sales tags.
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Induction Lighting Warehouse Applications. 200W at 6.8m space

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The US Steel Plants Using Our Induction Lighting
 ArcelorMittal,  US Steel, Allegheny Steel, Nucor, Alcoa

US Steel Manufacture Vimeo Use Our 500W BDD series 
Induction Fittings. 15m height

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New ATL 150W Induction Lights installed in small car 
repair maintenance workshop on a cold rainy day, 
Christchurch, New Zealand.
Before Installation

After Installation video/ Owner Review

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Metro Perth Convenience Store Go's
LED Lighting With ATL Lighting & Effects

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The new Perth convenience store at the Perth Metro Station decided to go LED with ATL Lighting & Effects! The SMD Samsung LED strips were used to give a define light from the walls with day light colour of 5000K. The ceiling lights are sharp commercial double and triple down lights with the bulbs suing only 8W each, this is a huge reduction in power and it turn savings for the client. Because of the long life of these leds there is a 90% reduction in maintenance as well.

Perth five star Duxton hotel change to ATL Samsung LED Bulbs.

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The Duxton hotel recently refurbished the restaurant and were conscious of reducing their energy consumption. But the lighting in the restaurant especially over the dinner tables had to give a very soft warm light and be dimmable. After looking at a number of various brands they choose our ATL/Samsung 5w down lights with a beautiful warm colour of 2500K. for more information regarding ATL samsumg bulbs please go to Bulbs LED

Wedding Reception Venue Switch To LEDs

Swan Valley ReceptionReplaced 25W Candle bulbs with 3W dimmable LED samsung bulbs

Caversham House has the most beautiful Wedding Reception Venue and Marquee Venue in Perth. When it comes to Wedding Reception Venues in Perth WA you can’t go past their 2 main reception and function rooms. they pride themselves on friendly service, mouth watering well presented contemporary Cuisine and a great cellar wine selection to match. Bulbs LED

 But like any business Caversham house have been concern about the rising cost of electricity and decided to take action and they started in the powerhouse of the business, the Kitchen!

Replacing their fluorescent with LEDs fluorescent they have reduced the lighting cost by 60% and increase the life of the lamps by 500%.

LED Fluorescent Lights
Eric Lembo the owner of Caversham house said its a no brainier! We are very impressed with the LED fluorescent tubes and the light output of them and most importantly the chiefs are happy! We are now focus on changing all our lighting over to LED lighting and with the competitive prices from ATL Lighting & Effects it doesn't take long to pay for it self. The venue itself is a wonderful green environment and we want to translate that inside as well by reducing carbon emission and getting rid of mercury in our lights and now we have done so with LEDs.


Baptist Age Care Buy 200 LED Tubes from ATL 

CEO Bob Bunning of Baptist Care is wanting to reduce energy consumption at the various Baptist Age Care facilities in WA. Bob sort guidance from ATL Lighting & Effects. After a demonstration of the light out-put from the LED fluorescent tubes and a true energy saving of 60% compared to their existing Fluorescent tubes, Baptist Age Care purchased 200 ATL LED tubes. Baptist Age Care are now looking at replacing all their lighting over to LEDs to reduce the rising cost of power and their maintenance cost.

Pier 70 Restaurant at Aaron's hotel 70 Pier Street, Perth install ATL LED tubes in kitchen

Pure white light from LED tubes meets favor from kitchen staff
Saves 55% energy and a long life of 50,000 hours reduce over head cost the for restaurant.
Kitchen staff say the light is brighter than previous fluorescent tubes makes their job easier. Owner Sean Lahooti wanted to invest in lighting technology that would reduce the rising cost of energy and improve the quality of light for his staff. Sean is looking at replacing all lighting in the restaurant to LEDs.

Mustang Bar Norhbridge Perth With ATL LED Stage Lighting

Guys Garage for 150W K2 LED Highbays Christchurch NZ

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Guy Kingsbury Onwer and Manager Of Guys Garage, Wigram, Christchurch installed out K2 150W LED Highbays in July 2017, Guy stated that there has been a big improvment to lighting in the workshop since the K2s were installed, he said he didn't realise how dull the lighting was until we installed the K2, previously they were using 400W HM highbays, now with better lighting and near 70% saving in energy Guy is very pleased with his investment.

Adhesive Video Screen For Kentucky USA Exhibition Project

posted Apr 11, 2019, 11:39 PM by Alvyn Long   [ updated Apr 12, 2019, 3:49 PM ]

Mobile Glass panels with adhesive video panels applied to turn transparent glass into a video screen. Client very happy with this and is using for up incoming exhibition.

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