Transparent Screen Installation


Installation of Transparent video window panels. On most installs such as inside malls or building we can install the ultra-thin adhesive video panels directly to glass using 1000nits of brightness but when installing these video panels to inside of glass that will be facing the sun and heat we frame the panels in a very thin aluminium that is bolted or hang directly behind the glass, the brightness of the LEDs need to be 5000nits or more to be effective in picture display for people to be able to see video in bright day. Here are some examples of installation of our ultra-thin transparent video displays.

  Our transparent screen is super light and very easy to install, every panel is just 4.9kg, very easy to handle and operate. When we aging our products, we just spent 1 hour to build up 100sqm screen, think about how easy it is. The panels connected by edge locks,it's easy, quick and safe
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