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LED  Transparent Video Display Units
ATL Lighting Systems Distributor of NEXNOVO LED Transparent Video Display Screens, The Inventor of their worlds first Transparent Display. NEXNOVO holds over 30 patents on its LED transparent displays. Expertise in the manufacturing of LED transparent displays they continue to research and development in the latest technology for improving transparent displays.

The latest model to show such amazing technology is the XT, XRW, NR, NS series which are design to meet the requirements for retail windows, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, museums, financial institutions, trade shows, events, festivals,media architecture and many more areas for visual displays. With pixel pitch ranging from 2.5mm to 30mm and brightness between 1000nits and 7500nits. NEXNOVO products are by far the clearest and brightest transparent LED displays in the world.

Companies using NEXNOVO transparent displays are Lamborghini, Land Rover, ZARA, BlueShore Financial, McDonald's, Primark and 7-11 Stores just to name a few.


XRW Series
Design for fixed installation applications.
XRW Series

XT Series
For window advertising all around the world
NEXANOVA Transparent Visual Display From ATL Lighting Systems

NR Series
Design for rental applications stages and events.
ATL Lighting Systems Ltd

NS Series
Designed for glass facade at high-end brand stores

NS Series

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