XTREME X Series Outdoor Screen

See our New 2019 Xtreme X Series outdoor video display, winner of 2019 IF DESIGN AWARDS, extremely cool design that is design for excellent viewing easy installation (one Person can install) and quick maintenance with ladder design at the rear, high water-proof rating of IP67 and impact resistant led panels for extra protections, pixel range from P1.9mm-P5mm, can be fixed installation or rental and can be concave, convex or corner design for different applications. Freight world wide delivery 3-6 weeks, 2 year warranty. 

YouTube Video

 Built in ladder design for quick climbing 
 Modular & user-friendly design for IMs and power box

Specifications & Maintenance
Full Cabinet
Age and water-proof test

Mobile Stand Set Up
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Alvyn Long,
Dec 10, 2019, 3:38 PM