2m Transparent Video Poster

2M Video Transparent Video Poster

Introducing our New 2m x 1.5m LED transparent video poster. A great way to showcase your business and products. Slim and transparent the video poster is designed so people can still see into your showroom or store while watching video. Creative use of these screens are a great way to enhance your company profile and products. Extremely cost effective and easy to use, remote controll with your smart devices, Take a picture or video on your smart phone then upload to the screen with our App. Excellent for retail display especially fashon stores, sports stores, fast food sotres, and more..Now shipping world wide. Optimum viewing distance 4 metres plus.

Our new larger transparent video posters at work. Excellent for showcasing your business, bright enough to be seen from distance on sunny day. The 2000mm x 1500mm transparent video screens using 3D animation is a very effective advertising tool. Using our App you simply upload video or photos from your library on your smart devices via wifi to the screen. No need for external controller simplifing loading images and time. Now extremely cost effective, freight to clients world wide.


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