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Human Body Thermometer integrates a number of core technologies such as thermal imaging, temperature measurement, face smart detection and so on. The combination of infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement technology and face recognition technology accurately locates people with abnormal body temperature. When an abnormal body temperature is detected, a voice alert will be issued immediately, and the body temperature abnormality screening, diagnosis and treatment can be arranged at the first tim

Product Features

Temperature Pre-Warning Thermal Imaging Network Camera and High-Definition Visible Light” Human Body Thermometer, which integrates multiple core technologies such as thermal imaging, temperature measurement, and intelligent face detection.

  • Unique dual-view registration mechanism makes visible light the same as the thermal imaging field of view.
  • There exists a high-precision human body temperature measurement with thermal imaging with an accuracy of ≤0.3 ° C, and built-in automatic temperature measurement correction, which completely eliminates temperature drift and can work stably for many years.
  • Real-time temperature measurement and multi-target simultaneous automatic measurement with response time within 30 milliseconds to achieve dynamic detection of the flow of people passing through the detection area and to prevent missed detection and missed measurement.
  • Temperature measurement of intelligent human body - Visible light image temperature display is convenient for monitoring and distinguish.
  • Intelligent over-temperature alarm and positioning including sound and light alarm, rapid screening and tracking of abnormal body temperature.

A Pneumonia from a New Coronavirus Broke out in Wuhan

When an epidemic breaks out, a command is issued. It is our responsibility to prevent and control it.

A pneumonia from a new coronavirus broke out in Wuhan in Dec, 2019. Due to human-to-human infection, even in the incubation period, the coronavirus has rapidly spread to all parts of China in a short time. The prevention work has been even more difficult because many medical staff were infected. The government has started first-level response to the prevention and infection control. Comes at a time when more people are returning from their Spring Festival Holiday, various isolation measures have been introduced throughout the country to control the spread of disease.

Typical Pneumonic Symptom of 2019-nCoV Infection is Fever

Guiding Principles for Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases

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Blackbody Radiation Source


Blackbody Radiation Source, used for thermal camera to calibrate with the temperature of blackbody. Through the black-body-assisted real-time calibration, the accuracy of the human body temperature measured by the thermometer can be guaranteed to within 0.3C.

Product Features

Specially used for calibrating infrared thermometers and temperature cameras of various sizes.

  • Excellent temperature uniformity on the calibration plane.
  • The imported intelligent temperature controller is used for high temperature control


  • Fast rising and falling temperature.
  • Compared with similar products domestic and international, A01 has good performance, excellent price and high cost performance.


  • Temperature Range 35°C~45°C ≥0.95
  • Effective Emissivity ≥0.95
  • Resolution 0.1°C
  • Radiation Surface 78mm*78mm
  • Temperature Stability ±0.15°C
  • Temperature Uniformity +0.2°C
  • Working Power 220V / 50HZ
  • Dimension 240mmX110mmX150mm
  • Weight 1.5Kg

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