ATL Smart LED Video Panels

ATL Smart Panels

The Smart Panel is a lightweight and potable LED Video tiles that can be eaisly set up for creative displays. The LED panel cabinets only weigh 4.5kg and have a thickness of just 40mm making these slim lightweight LED video panels an exciting product for retail and commercial displays.
Flexible combination of sizes of panels750 x 250mm and 1000mm x 250mm cabinets sizes can be customised any size screen or rotate 90º and install vertically.Flexible structural design for installation.Multipe installations: Wall -mounted, Hoisting, Double sided lifting, shelf screen installation.

Indoor Front Maintenance Ultra Thin Smart LED Video Screen

Lightweight And Portable

Cabinet weigth only 4/4.5kg , fast & easy installation. Thickness is only 40mm, excellent product for retail,events industry, hotels, clubs, reception displays etc.

Turn into video columns

High impact video advertising

HDR quality images for quailty presentations.

Intelligent colour accuracy evaluation, eliminate colour deviation, natural colour and scenes

High refresh rate 3840hz, HDR High quality resolution

Golden ratio 4:3 / 16:9 Customised for 1080P 2k, 4k, 8k

Various application such as hanging, wall mount, columns etc.

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