ATL Transparent Advertiser Panel

ATL Transparent Digital Posters

ATL Transparent Digital Posters. An intergrated advertsing, excellent for storefront window advertising, easy to upload content on your smart phone with our App. Take full control over your visual advertising, if you know how to use a smart phone this will make you a genius for your visual advertising. Freight world wide direct from the factory, contact here to learn more on this offer.

Ligthtweight transparent and bright for effective visual promotions

Easy to hang


Thin profile


Storefront window

reception application

Quick and easy installtion.

Integrated design with easy installation with two wire ropes suspended form ceiling attached to the poster. Can come with a hanging pole option as well.

Freight driect from the factory to worldwide customers

Transparent Video Poster For Window Visual Marketing

Throw out the old posters for your window advertising and replace with our transparent video posters! Just hang behind the window and upload video and image content using our App on your smart devices directly to the video poster. Take control of your own video marketing and save! Lightweight and transparent doesn’t block out light and people can still see into your store or showroom. Excellent for 3D image content as looks like a floating hologram for smart visual effect marekting. Upload images, videos for your promotional campaigns. Selling to businesses around the world call us for a quote or more information. Contact here for details.





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Recent installation of our budget series LED transparent video screen. Installed behind windows to ATL electrical showroom, Christchurch, New Zealand. The idea is for you to easily upload content while allowing view into the showroom. Easy to maintain and perfect visual solution for showroom windows on a busy street. No need to get outdoor permits and expensive Installation cost for outdoor signage.