ATL TVB Wireless Slim Screen

ATL-TVB Ultra Slim Fine Pitch LED Screen.

The ATL TVB Series is an impressive new technology in LED Screens with options such as Mini LEDs or 1010SMD LEDs depending on project and budget. Pixel Pitch 0.9mm Mini LEDs, 1.2mm, 1.5mm 1,875, 2.5mm 1010 SMDs,


  • Mirrow server function

  • Die-casting aluminium frame, better heat dissipation

  • 16:9 panel ration, easy to set up 16:9 and 4:3 screen

  • MiniLEDs available, anti collision

  • Common cathrode design for energy savings

  • Power and receiving card for dual back up

  • Fanless, noise-free

  • Memory on board IM

  • EMC class approved

  • Wide viewing angle, high refresh rate, high contrast ratio.

International Installations

With the latest technology in LED screens, screens can be customised to fit with architectural applications for businesses and corporations that want to wow their customers especially in showroom applications or even in learning institutions, this example in corporate showroom the screen has been designed to fit in a curved wall with a doorway