ATL-XS Outdoor LED Display

XS Series 1200 South Figueroa Street, LA, P10, 18200sqf

Broadway, Times Square, NY, USA

Another installation of XS series in two arc-shaped video displays in the center of Times Square, bow tie at 1515 broadway , adjacent to the MTV studios.

7th Avenue, Times Square, NY, USA

Vertically design LED display at 719, 7th Ave in Time Square. There are seven LED Screens that make up this amazing visual spectacular

7th Avenue, Times Square, US, 17,000sqf

The Highest-Resolution LED Display Ever Manufactured in the History of Times Square

The highest-resolution17,000-square-foot LED video display board with total number of 26,676,000 pixels draws eyeballs at Marriott Edition hotel, 701 7th Ave, Times Square, NY. With 8K Ultra-processing, the screen that described as one of the largest continuous exterior displays in the world is built to accommodate the next generation of video content.

XS Series Highest Resolution Displays in Times Square

More XS Installations

The XS series is not your normal LED Billboard

Its a high tech LED Screen that can come with a very fast processor so you can play 4-8K Video content. Image quality is amazing,thats why you will fine these screens all over the world including high profile places like Times Square, NY. Because of advertisers increasing demands for high quality image and smart visual content you need the medium to future proof to do that, thats where our XS Screens comes into its own, we can add 3D hardware to the screen so advertisers can really catch your attention with 3D content, this is also good for Art exhibition and events where you can play normal 2D content and then 3D content on high quality screen. Bigger the screen the more impact for advertisers. Check this video of 3D content being played on our XS Series LED Screen.

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