Bri-curtain LED Display

Moscow Installation

Another installation for the Bri-Curtain LED Video Billboard is in Arbat Avenue, Moscow, Russia, Largest Video Billboard in Moscow. The Bri-Curtain is design to handle extreme cold such as -40c in the middle of a Russian winter or +50c in a Dubia summer. the Bri-curtain Moscow installation is 900sqm with pixel pitch of 16mm. Lightweight and easy maintenance the Bri-curtain LED displays is big savings for owners. With high-level transparency the Bri -curtain does not inhibit light or viewing from offices where the screen has been placed over the windows.

Music City, Island Of Seguin On The Seria River, Paris, France

Paris 🇫🇷France! LED installation of the Bri curtain led billboard at Music City, Island of Seguin, on the banks of the Sena River. Cite musicale de ile Seguin is exactly located at at the city of Boulogne-Billancourt on the banks of Sena River. The area is dedicated mainly to the organisations of culture events, concerts and a hoist of urban functions such as culture centres, leisure strips and malls. With the architecturally appearance of a boat format, it is a unique installation in France. To advertise events and concerts they installed in the front 820sqm LED bri-curtain screen. Using 25mm Pixels the viewing is excellent from a distance to showcase the latest upcoming events. The Bri-curtain is designed using lighter materials,engineers have reduced energy saving by using conviction technology. By using less dense materials they have been able to naturally transfer heat and remove fans and air conditioning which means less electricity for operation, less materials mean reduced weight by 65% which translates to lower maintenance and easier installation and over all reduced purchase and running cost for the owner.

Paris France Install

Sheraton Hotel Project, Chongging, China

South China, Bri-Curtain Project

The Cosmos Hotel, Moscow

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bri- Curtain Installation

Building Gass Facade, Bri-curtain

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