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Boe Series Digital Whiteboard Price List

Our Top quality BOE series interactive whiteboard is an amazing cost effective tool for businesses, with wireless and interactive operations, video smart conferencing with multi terminal synchronous display, real time writing with no delay, wireless mirroring with PC/smart phones, meeting minutes sharing, ultra 4K HD viewing and more features.

Size. Prices USD

  • 65inch Digital whiteboard EXW $1480USD

  • 75inch Digital whiteboard. EXW $2494USD

  • 85inch Digital whiteboard. EXW $3385USD

  • Wireless screen mirror receiver. EXW $156USD

  • Video camera. EXW $69USD

  • Digital whiteboard supporter 65 75inch EXW $140USD

  • Digital whiteboard supporter 85inch. EXW $388USD

  • OPS 15 65-75inch. EXW $675USD

  • OPS 17 85inch. EXW $1020USD