Flood Light, High Mask

Our all area LED High Mask Floodlights are the latest in new LED lighting technology with 200lm/W MeCree LEDs, and a laser point system to give accurate lighting for sports fields and stadiums. Small at only the size of your standard basketball but packs a serious punch when it comes to lighting. The 300w floodlights replaces the traditional 1000w lamps and our 600W replaces the 1800-2000w traditional lamps, saving energy and with the long life of LEDs reducing maintenance by 50%.

Meets High Definition Broadcasting Standards with CRI 90. Used for all types of entertainment, commercial, industrial and sports lighting

AFL Series LED Arena Lights 240W – 1800W

Product Specification:

With a high colours index of 80-90CRI our ATL -AFL Stadium series best suited for photography and TV viewing by enhancing the true and VIVID colours of the spots events and branding. Flicker free and at 200lm/w incredible energy savings. The general color temperature requirement of football ground is larger than 4000K for all classes. But we usually use 5000-6000K color temperature to provide better illumination for the players and audience because these colours are more invigorating. 

See video below on our sports stadium series at the 2016 FIFA Stadium World Cup. 

Our ALF series LED flood lights are perfect lighting for sports and industrial applications, For example in Rugby stadium applications the lighing must not only meet the requirements of athletes and spectators, but also meet the requirements of color temperature, illumination and lighting uniformity in live TV broadcasts. In addition, the way of lighting should closely match the overall plan of the rugby stadium and the structure of the stands. The general color temperature requirement for all levels of the rugby pitch is greater than 4000K. We usually use 5000K or 5700K to provide better lighting for players and viewers as these colors are realistic and powerful for the viewer. About the color index, The higher the index, the more realistic the color of the object. As usual, our lights are Ra 80+, and Ra 90 + customizable. Flicker free for TV and at 200Lm/W means huge energy savings and long life, Our lights lifespan is more than 100,000 hours, meaning if you turn on 8 hours a day, it is equivalent to 34 years you don’t need to worry about the cost of buying a new lamp and re-installing it.

If you have a lighting project where you may need our floodlights we can help you, contact us