Floor Stand Touch LCD Display



1. Cloud remote publishing

2. Real-time monitoring in the cloud

3. Cloud big data statistical effect

4. U disk automatic identification wheel seeding

5. Reservation switch, time sharing

6. Pictures and videos are shown on separate screens

7. Compatible with multi - format LOGO marking more convenient

8. Touch interactive ads are more appealing

1.Cloud release

Unified management of different places

Users can manage ads scattered across the country on any mobile phone or computer and post or update ads with one click.

2.Cloud audit, real-time monitoring screen

   By using the information release system independently developed, each advertisement can be reviewed in the cloud, and the images of each AD machine can be viewed in the cloud at any time.

3.Cloud big data

Intelligent capture statistics

Which advertising is more interactive, which marketing is more effective, through intelligent statistics server, to help managers better adjust marketing strategies, easily promote enterprise benefit maximisation.

4.U disk automatic recognition Picture/video/music on wheels

You can insert a USB flash drive or SD card for automatic recognition. You can also copy the contents of the USB flash drive with one click and unplug it. Pictures/videos/music will be played in a loop automatically.

5.Time- sharing play Schedule switch

While meeting the marketing needs of different stages, it can also reduce expenses and save resources. With simple operation, the marketing effect is flourishing.

6. 12 Split screen template

Support for customisation

Landscape screen, portrait screen, dynamic video, still pictures, any combination at the same time, split screen support custom fine tuning, so that advertising creativity has unlimited space to play.

7.Compatible with all mainstream files Intelligent decoding

Compatible with all major file formats, so that the presentation form is not constrained. (Enterprise logo, weather, date and time can be set.)

8.Touch the interactive 0.004s Quick response

   The advantage of interactive advertising lies in that it can stop pedestrians in a hurry, give the brand extra time to convey its message, and may be photographed and posted to the circle of friends for secondary dissemination.

1080Pfull high definition 16.7M colour

Original LG A+ screen USES colour

enhancement technology, 99.9% gamut coverage, depth optimization of each pixel, high restoration so that the advertising screen playing smooth, no flash, at the same time equipped with Shu Yong's unique image processing engine, bring exquisite and rich sense of visual enjoyment, make the advertising effect more charming!

The fourth generation IPS screen, 178° Visual Angle

The fourth-generation 4K technology has changed the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules, and raised the horizontal and vertical viewing angles of the screen to 178°. Even when viewed from the side, the picture is clear and natural without distortion, so that each advertisement can easily cover more people. (A normal monitor has a viewing Angle of 120°.)


16.75mm narrow bezel 93.8% screen-ratio

Simplified border design, remove heavy borders, have a higher screen ratio, the narrowest part of the border is 16.75mm, the screen ratio is about 93.8%, the border of the dark screen is narrow to a new height, and the advertisement appears 120 points. effect.

360° two-channel surround sound Noise reduction without turbidity

The stereo cavity speaker hidden inside the machine, with multiple sets of speakers, makes every virtual surround sound so real. The noise purification, bass enhancement, and ultra-fidelity sound quality bring the delicate sound effect, which is like a cinema-like shock effect, bringing a better display for each advertisement.

Direct From The Manufacture Pricing To World Wide Customers

We have incredible good pricing on our Floor Standing LCD Advertising Display because we work with the actual manufacture. We freight direct from the factory to customers around the world who want good quality at the best prices.

The display screen comes in 44inch, 55inch 65inch sizes with touch or non touch screen options, can come with signage software or use your own. HD quality images, easy content uploading options and many, and split screens etc.