Glass Video Panels

Transparent Glass Video Panels

Tempered glass with imbeded LEDs

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Video LED Tempered Glass. First like it in the world , Transparent Glass LED Video Displays can be used this way or offices pittions, can be used for store front windows, easy to add video content by smart devices and Wifi video direct to screen. A new way of video promotions.
One of the uses for glass video panels is glass sliding doors, extremly effective and designers can create all sorts of visual content, from powerful messages and welcoming visitors to incrediable 3D animations. Content can be design to fit with products in a showroom while people can see visual story boards on the transparent glass panels. Multible applications for doorways, office petitions, front window video display for outside public viewing.

High Transparency: 80%~90%

Slim and transparent LED Video glass can effectively display the content without blocking out light, while also providing a see-through view with high transparency. Effective viewing 5 meters plus.

High Brightness

High brightness LED 1812-2020(1R1G1B)SMD with chip integrated Brightness up to 5000 cd/m2 Meets the needs of used indoors and outdoors in the daytime

Store Front window advertisement

Does not block light

Public can view into store or showroom

Transparency difference

The transparency of traditional transparent led display is 40%-60%, while our patented transparent led display transparency reaches 80%-90%. This is a REAL difference.

Seamlessly build the size you need

Traditional Transparent LED Display

The modular size of the traditional transparent led screen is usually 1000x1000mm. If the screen size is bigger, need to integrate many modules together, which causes many borders in between. This leads to a imperfect visual experience.

Our Patented Transparent LED Display

Our patented transparent LED display can be customized to meet any size requirements perfectly.
For example, the vertical layout is 5 meters max., then the horizontal layout is unlimited, with no borders in between. Or vice versa.

Ultra Thin Screen Body

Traditional Transparent LED Display

The thickness of traditional transparent led screen is 70 mm~80 mm. Heavy body weight causes difficult installation. Besides, the thick screen body affects the visual experience.

Our Patented Transparent LED Display

We adopt ultra clear tempered glass as the screen body, with thickness as thin as 10 mm.Easy and fast installation. High transparency.Good heat dissipation.Extraordinary visual experience.

Control Method

The screen image can be controlled by a computer or a mobile phone, through a LED display transmit.

Typical Applications

Due to high transparency and other advantages, our patented transparent LED display offers a striking alternative to traditional LED screens.
By programming LEDs to work together, the lights with different pixel colors create the image on the screen. It can display text, image, video and other pictures, supporting almost all image and video file formats.
Can be widely used in: Glass wall and facades, Retail store, Shopping center, Car showroom, Airports, Hotels, Stadium, etc.

3D Animations Look Like Holograms On Glass Panels

3D Watch

3D Ring

3D Jewelry

Product Parameter

Concept Applications

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