Hand Sanitiser & Temperature Measurement Kiosk

Hand Sanitiser & Temperature Measurement Kiosk

If you need a Hand Sanitiser and temperature measurements device for your business or churches, then you might be interested in our new Temperature measurement disinfection kiosk, We have the English version which while you are disinfecting your hands will alert you to your temperature, this is a gate protection device to help protect your staff and clients from cross infection.

All In One Unit.

1. Temperature Measuring

2. Abnormity Warning

3. Face recognition

4. masks detection

5. Hand disinfection


Temperature measurement, face recognition all-in-one machine is a convenient and fast system for face recognition + human body temperature measurement, lightweight and, easy to use, simple installation, fast detection speed and other characteristics.

To be used in main enterance and exists for businesses and organizations.

The recommended ambient temperature of this product is 10-30 ℃ and the humidity is 10%-80%.

Sofware and cloud base operations. Request manual! info@atl-lighting.com

Product Specifications

  • Operating Systems - Android Standard
  • Thermal resolution - 32*32/12um,
  • Field Of View - 33º*33º
  • Max Infrared Image Size - >320*240.05m; Error of+0.2º
  • Camera Resolution - 2 million hardware wide dynamic
  • Face Recongnition Distance - 0.2m~0.8m
  • Face Verification Accuracy - >99%
  • Face Recognition Distance - 0.2m~0.8m
  • Storage Capacity - 20,000 cards, 10W event records
  • Measuring Range - 30º C~45ºC
  • Display Screen - 8" IPS
  • Chip - Quad core RK3288 ARM-A17 1.8GH, GPU: Mail-T764
  • Ram - 2G
  • ROM - 4GB
  • Ports - DC* 1, RJ45*1, USB*2(OTG*1) HDMI*1, TF SD slot*1/audio*1
  • Communication Mode - Wired/wireless network
  • Input Power - AC220V
  • Working Temperature - 0ºC~50ºC
  • Working Humidity - <90%RH
  • Work Environment - Indoor

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