Hercules Series


Hercules LED Screen For Exterior Applications.

Glasses-free 3D LED Digital Signage, more than 16 of these installed, this project of a giant curved LED wall with stunning glasses-less 3D spaceship display effect has attracted millions of eyeballs on the street and blown up on social media including Top 5 trending topics in Sina Weibo  China’s Twitter. installed 2020 size Screen Size: 912.92m² Pixel Pitch: If you have a project any where in the world and need to get eyes on your advertsing contact here, we can offer the right product, 3D digital graphics and professional installation help and instruction to look just like this


1.Glasses-free 3D LED Digital Signage
2.Effectively diffuse sunlight reflection to present richer colour.
3.Fully waterproof modules are anti-UV to avoid deformation.

How effective is outdoor Glasses-free 3D LED Digital Signage?

 Outdoor glasses-free 3D LED digital signage can be an effective way to capture attention and engage viewers in outdoor environments. These displays use advanced technology like parallax barriers or lenticular lenses to create the illusion of 3D without the need for special glasses.The effectiveness of glasses-free 3D LED digital signage depends on several factors, including the quality of the display, the content being shown, and the viewing distance. Here are some points to consider:1. Attention-Grabbing: Glasses-free 3D displays can attract attention due to their unique visual effects, making them effective for outdoor advertising or digital signage applications.2. Enhanced Engagement: The immersive 3D experience can engage viewers and create a memorable impact, making it more likely for the message to be retained.3. Viewing Angles: Glasses-free 3D LED displays typically have optimal viewing angles where the 3D effect is most effective. It's important to position the signage in such a way that it can be viewed from these angles for the best experience.4. Content Suitability: Certain types of content, such as product demonstrations, dynamic visuals, or interactive elements, are better suited for glasses-free 3D displays as they can fully leverage the 3D capabilities.5. Viewing Distance: The distance between the viewer and the display is crucial. The 3D effect might not be as noticeable if the viewer is too far away or too close to the screen.6. Lighting Conditions: Ambient lighting can affect the visibility of the 3D effect. Bright sunlight can diminish the impact, so it's important to consider the positioning and brightness of the display in relation to the surrounding lighting conditions.Overall, glasses-free 3D LED digital signage can be effective in outdoor settings, provided the display quality, content, viewing distance, and lighting conditions are optimized. It can increase viewer engagement and capture attention, making it a valuable tool for advertising and visual communication.


Conventional Panel 

weight: 50-65kg/㎡ thickness: 130-160mm

heavy weight cause structure loading and safety concern, our moduals reduce weight and safety conerns.

We need HIGH BRIGHTNESS screen to show clear image under sunshine !

Brightness of conventional product isn’t high enough, the screen looks dark and unclear

Bighter enough to be seen miles away

A set of 2000sqm glasses-free 3D video walls was lighted up in Chongqing, China, This set of 3D video walls was specially built to catch up the celebration of Chinese New Year and made its debut on China Central Television (CCTV)

Excellent Display Brings Realistic Broadcasting

High contrast ratio, refresh rate and ultra-uniform color demonstration contribute to fresh and natural images presented in the best way.

Customizable Sizes Meet Your Needs

Customize different cabinets to fit in your project. Standard waterproof and simplified cabinets are both available.


Key Features

Ultra high brightness, up to 10000nits
• Light weight 27kg/㎡, thin 92mm
• Low power consumption: max 600W/㎡
• Fanless design, noiseless
• Flexible panel sizes
• Support curve & 90°corner connection
• Front & rear access
• Wall mounted directly available

Fanless design

Fanless, noiseless, quiet working environment

Low power consumption

HCC Technology
(High-powered Common Cathode)
• Dual voltage drive(R: 2.8V, G&B: 3.8V)
• up to 20% energy saving
• Vivid color performance in low brightness
• Low power consumption: max 600W/㎡

light weight

high brightness


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