High-End indoor & outdoor LED Mobile Display

High-end indoor and outdoor mobile LED Video Billboard (AT Series)

Options- Wall Mounted Or Moving Indoor & Outdoor Video Billboard.


  • Company video conference systems.

  • Retail brand and product advertising

  • Showroom video information and product point of sale tool

  • Multiple installations, mobile of free standing plus wall mounted options

  • Support Wifi, 4G, network control

  • 140º wide viewing angle for enhance viewing experience.

Outdoor Wall Mounted Installation

Standing & Movable Indoor - Outdoor Installation

Wall Mounted Installation For Conferencing

Advantages of applying at brand stores:

1. High brightness, even in bright conditions, it can perfectly display the content of the picture

2. High degree of color reproduction, wide viewing angle, wide covering ads area, and remarkable playing performance

3. Plug and play, touch screen, easy to use

4. Support multiple video format or various kinds of pictures for display

5. Various installations, floor movement, wall-mounted, hoisting, splicing, and inclined installation can be realised

Car Showrooms

For Point Of Sale

Mobile Freindly

Just Set Up In Minutes

More Applications

Indoor Mobile Display

Outdoor Fixed Installation

Outdoor Mobile Display

Bright Screen For Daylight Viewing

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