IDisplay Outdoor Poster

iDisplay out door video sign

A powerful way of promoting your business or giving important information like bus time tables, this display comes in at 79.4inchs (2000mm) and 88inches (2,235mm) and display pixels from 2.97mm to 4.81mm.  iDisplay out door video tower, impressive and stands out in a crowd! Architects can incorporate the screen for many of their outdoor designs, CBD, Malls, Commerical businesses, Gas stations,etc.

Rugged Tough

Strong protection,8mm strong tempered glass cover. Full sealed aluminum design. IP65 in both side.Aluminum frame and power leakage protection,lighting-protection.Double waterproof ring, strong waterproof grade.Hot-dip galvanized and painted.inlet is been covered with good quality dustproof materials.

Front Service

The tempered glass on both sides is easy to disassemble and the operation method is simple. the screen can be removed from frame as it is hanged on the top hook of frame. Internal wiring is simple. module design. Neat design, hided mounting system at the bottom of poster.

Quick Turnaround

Quick turnaround for large and small orders, delivery straight from the factory to wouldside clients

Excellent heat dissipation

There is a fan system below the screen body, the air is in below, the air is out above the top, and the circulation system of the air is formed inside. Aluminum frame,easy for heat dissipation.

City Malls Applications

Shopping Centres

Bus Stop Advertising


YouTube Channel