Indoor-Outdoor Double Sided LED Video Kiosk

Movable double sided LED video Kiosk, waterproof with IP66 rating, excellent for putting out in front of cafes, restaurants, gas stations service stores, real estate properties, temporary home building promotional displays, retail displays, people can see the video display from both directions. Built in media display allows for uploading adds, videos or pictures via Wifi or USB. display frame colour can be customised. For more information and videos click on link below or PM here. Manufacture prices. Ship direct from manufacture to clients worldwide.


Some features of this product:

1. The size of LED poster display: 1800mm(H)×720mm(W).

2. There is a fully sealed controlling box in the bottom of poster display, so you can use your mobile phone, iPad, computer to load web pages to control the poster directly. And you can choose Nova, Colorlight or Talk software.

3. LED lamp: NationStar SMD.

4. Power supply: Rong

5. Aluminum LED poster

6. Brightness ≥5500cd, can be seen in direct sunlight.

7. Waterproof IP66

8. Driving Chip: ChipOne

9. Modules have CE/EMC/RoHS/FCC certification.

10. Support front access maintenance, support signal module maintenance.