Innopad Flexible LED Screens

Innopad Flexible LED Screen

Whether for permanent or temporary installation the new ATL Innopad flexible screen have a perfect curve and seamless combination to let the audience immersive into the wonderful visual Exhibit. Looking for more creative use of video displays people are searching for a quality product that you can sculpture to give that truly wow factor to impress. It is light and natural. It looks simple but very impressive. ATL InnoPad is where creativity meets the visual tools to shape your design and bring it to life.

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Perfect Curved Display

InnoPad flexible screens use creative technology to achieve a beautiful curve. Along with the patent curving lock invented, the assembling and disassembling will be easy to handle. Meanwhile, elegant curves equals exceptional visual displays.

New Technologies Create More Possibilities

InnoPad screens can be flexible from 22.5 degree to 45 degree, even to 90 degree, all have front-rear maintenance and combination in the same product.

Inspiring Displays

InnoPad has excellent contrast that brings to life the images with rich layers of colour saturations. Excellent for concerts, exhibits, anywhere you need creative visual displays.

Quick Set Up

No matter where your project is, anyone, can build a dynamic screen presentation very quickly and with seamless combination becomes a very impressive display

Innopad Installation HongKong International Airport

Trade Fair Exhibition

Innopad Flexible Screen Installed For Detroit Auto Car Show, USA

Circluar Innopad Screens, Detroit Auto Show, USA

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