LED HD DeskLamps

The worlds first HD LED Desk Lamp

The first ultra clear HD LED desk lamp in the world, to create a pure & healthy lighting environment to protect your eyes. Helps with those who suffer from dry eye and eye fatigue who work alot on their computer or reading. CCP Light Source, HD, No Stroboscobic full spectrum, No blue light hazard. Adjustable light and colour matching.

Natural Light

True Colour

No Hash Blue Light, Better For Your Eyes

CPP high definition crystal light source:no scattered light、high definition、real eye protective light source.

No blue light hazard, no stroboscopic effect, no color attenuation, Long life

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Colours: Black, Silver, Gold

Price $150USD Includes freight, local customs and tax may apply.

To order click on Contact button below and email your order and colour choice with your full contact details and delivery address and we will send invoice for payment.

Payment options

PayPal or TT Bank Transfer.

1 year warranty.

Delivery 2-3 weeks.

How Can Our HD Desk Lamp Protect Your Eyes?