LED Poster Billboards

A Series Smart LED PosterBillboard

The Smart LED Poster Billboard is a slim LED mobile advertising screen designed for impact and creative visual marekting. You can upload content with USB, Wifi, 4G, network. You can connect multiple Smart Poster Billboard to create a large screen or divide the screens to play multible video product promotions. You can change the angle of the screens to play creative visual campaign's.

Light enough to be moved and big enough to be seen at a distance makes our ATL A Smart Poster Billboards a real asset to bussiness who wish to have a high visual impact to attrack attentions.

Easy to set up and move to product identification and visual information.

Multiple Screen Adaptions

Store product video promotions

Creative Screen Presentations

Flexible Screen Creation & Installation

Slimline, Portable Stand Poster Billboard

Carry Handles For Easy Portability

Wifi Content with App or Upload with USB Stick


Create beautiful Video Presentations

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