LED Poster Billboards

S Series Smart LED Poster

The Smart LED Poster Billboard is a slim LED mobile advertising screen designed for impact and creative visual marketing. You can upload content with USB, Wifi, 4G, network. You can connect multiple Smart Poster Billboard to create a large screen or divide the screens to play multible video product promotions. You can change the angle of the screens to play creative visual campaign's.Light enough to be moved and big enough to be seen at a distance makes our ATL S Poster Billboards a real asset to bussiness who wish to have a high visual impact to attrack attentions.

Edge Infinity Display

The Infinity Display is the signature, virtually bezel-less screen,create an incredibly immersive viewing experience

User Convenience: Auto Configuration

The S-Poster are composed of one master unit controller and slave controller in each unit cabinet. Each unit controller automatically recognizes its location and setting values, so the screen doesn't require any complicated screen setup process. All you need to do is turn on the screen.

The Most Effective Audiovisual Effects: Built-in Stereo

The S-Poster don’t require any additional speakers for its impactful audio effect. Its embedded Sound comes from the built-in stereo is able to reach all meeting attendees.

Anamorphoric Content On S-Poster

Hi resolution 3D content attracts  attention on S Poster LED Screens

Vivid Colours Come to Life

High contrast ratio brings to life natural colours

 2D or 3D Content,     Looks Great!

What ever content you play the S Poster can handle it.

User Convenience: Front Serviceability

The S-Poster can be easily installed and managed from the front side for easy operation. Its LED modules can also be simply attached or detached with a magnetic tool.

Cable Free Hot plug Keeping It Simple And Neat                

No cable between module and Hub board 100% hard connection Hot plug

Wireless Control

Use App to control the S-Poster Changing the content Adjusting the brightness Etc.

Cloud Control Worldwide Network

Cloud programming - multiple Posters are easily managed by a team (programmed and controlled) through a cloud software platform

TOP-COB Technology High Protection

The TOP-COB Process do a surface coating and whole PCBA board is fully sealed with epoxy resin ,which enhance the protection level from physical damage with anti-fog & salt /dust -proof , easy to clean , abrasion proof, damp-proof, anti-collision, antistatic, anti oil-pollution and anti-oxidation etc.

Product Visual Promotion

Multi-poster tiling Seamless

Individual S-Posters can be connected together to form larger displays without removing any exterior trims.Seamless connection


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