Smart Media Shelf Displays

The ATL Smart LED Shelf Displays are a thin and lightweight LED screen designed for shelf video displays. The Smart Shelf Displays give incredible visual marketing flexiblities to retails and wholesales, you can display video product content to pricing and specifications, LED GOB displays are brighter for better viewing especially in often poor light where people have to reach of their glasses to see the pricing sand specifications making the Smart LED Shelf screens customer friendly. Easy to upload updates through Wifi,4G, USB or network. Smart Shelf Screens are oftern used in feature front row displays in supermarkets, hardware stores and retail plus wholesale outlets.

Colourful Video Presentations

Feature Shelf Displays

Lightweight, Thin & Easy To Install


Our shelf is GOB technology with p1.25, p1.5 and p1.875 pixel pitches.

Size: 720x60mm and 720x180mm

Installation method: Hooking and screwing

Maintenance: Front

Features: Waterproof (led lamp), anti-collision, anti-dustproof, anti-oxidation, stable working, seamless splicing, various display methods like 4g, wifi, network, USB.


Thinner and lighter cabinet deesign, easy to take and move 2, Front maintenance, save your time to repair 3, GOB technology, more firm screen surface to anti-collision, anti-oxidation, waterproof and dustproof 4, Various kinds play method, support USB, wifi, 4G, network 5, Wide viewing angle, up to 160 degrees 6, High refresh rate up to 3840HZ, 5000:1 high contrast ratio 7, Super easy to install, hook, screw or magnet to fix the screen

What IS GOB Display?

GOB is Glue on board to get high protection led display, which is new technology, an analogy as module encapsulation

No Protection

Excellent Protection After Glueing

Wide Viewing

Colour Temperature

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ATL LED Shelf Series-01.pdf
LED Shelf Series-02.pdf
ATL 2021 LED Shelf display-1.pdf