Masterpiece Hologam Series

The Masterpiece Series Ifan is the latested technology in Holoprojectors to play 3D and 2D images and videos. Excellent for Trade Exhibitions and Retail applications to grab the attention of potential clients. A advertising machine that really stands out.

Ifan Features

  • Unlimited content playback time
  • Single usage : Cloud mangement App/ Web
  • Multi-unit synchronisation for holographic video wall effect.
  • Flexible installation & Transportation.
  • Bright-1600cdm , high resolution 1024 x 1024 pixels
  • Large display fan 70cm.


  • Support both internet and non internet mode

More features

  • quick progamming and uploading content.
  • No limitation to video size.
  • Audio support
  • Group Ifan at diffrent locations management systems
  • HD resolution.

Create Your Own Hologram Wall

You can combine multiple ifan effects to create a large video wall, excellent for exhibitions and retail applications, Car-showrrooms, threater, clubs, bars, concerts. We can customise protected wall holographic stands.

Materpiece Hologram IFan perfect for retail, commercial and entertainment applications.

Easy to set up for exhibitions and a powerful 3D video tool, get our wall and stand packages.

IFan Network Solution Models & Accessories

Portable Hologram Fan Display

New way of mobile advertising is our portable HoloFan packs, battery power, upload content from smart devices and take a walk! Excellent for out door promotions for events, streets sales, and for exhibition promos, yes it’s over the top and completely crazy but that’s how we roll here! Pack includes Display Fan, carry protective case.

Exhibitions & Retail Examples

3D animations are becoming very popular for visual promotions and exhibitions, here you can see some of our exhibitions Holoprojector packages and cool examples of Holoprojectors in retail applications. Very cost effective way of catching people’s attention and with creativity you can morph into your promotional campaigns. The Masterpiece Fan display has an app which you can download on to your smartphone or tablets and easily upload content to the Holoprojectors, you can sync multiple units to produce larger images or multiple images. We have 3D animation stock available as well as our designers can make up 3D animations for you.

Portable Backpack Holoporjector

Holoprojectors for retail advertising