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Discover the future of mobile display technology with NavTec Vision OLED Mobile! Experience OLED self-emitting technology for stunningly rich and vibrant colors.Enjoy transparent luminescence that delivers impeccable picture quality and ultra-high contrast for depth and clarity. With a high refresh rate and AI digital human interaction, NavTec Vision OLED Mobile ensures a seamless and eye-friendly viewing experience.Explore automatic track setting for walking, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and support for capacitive touch for interactive versatility. Upgrade to  NavTec OLED Mobile for a futuristic mobile experience today!


The NavTec Vision-OLED Navigator offers a range of practical uses for events, exhibitions, and retail applications due to its advanced features. Here are some potential applications:
1. Events and Exhibitions Interactive Displays: The NavTec Vision-OLED Navigator can be used in interactive displays at events and exhibitions to engage attendees with its transparent luminescence and vibrant colors. It can showcase product or brand information in a visually captivating manner.Navigation System: With its AI digital human interaction and automatic track setting for walking, the NavTec Vision-OLED Navigator can guide attendees through the venue, providing directions, schedules, and information about different exhibits or areas.Obstacle Avoidance: The intelligent obstacle avoidance feature ensures safe navigation even in crowded event spaces, allowing for smooth movement without disruptions.
2. Retail Applications: Product Showcase: Retail stores can use the NavTec Vision OLED Navigator to display products with high-quality images and videos that stand out due to the ultra-high contrast and vibrant colors. This can attract customers' attention and enhance the shopping experience.Interactive Kiosks: The capacitive touch support enables the use of the NavTec Vision-OLED Navigator in interactive kiosks where customers can browse through products, access information, or place orders with ease.Wayfinding System: In a retail environment, the NavTec Vision-OLED Navigator can serve as a wayfinding system, guiding customers to different sections or products within the store, enhancing navigation and creating a futuristic retail experience.
3. General Applications: Enhanced Safety: The built-in lithium iron phosphate battery with an automatic return-to-charge system ensures continuous operation without safety concerns, making it suitable for long-duration events or exhibitions. Eye-catching Displays: The rich colors, high contrast, and high refresh rate of the NavTec Vision-OLED Navigator make it ideal for creating visually stunning displays that grab attention and leave a lasting impression on viewers.
Overall, The NavTec Vision-OLED Navigator's combination of advanced features makes it a versatile and futuristic tool for enhancing user experiences, providing information, and creating visually appealing displays in various event, exhibition, and retail settings.
AI OLED Screen

Ai NavTec Vision

OLED self-emitting technology, displaying rich and vibrant colors.Transparent luminescence, delivering perfect picture quality.
Ultra-high contrast for a heightened sense of depth in the images; pure blacks and vivid brightness.
High refresh rate, ensuring a lag-free viewing experience and promoting eye health. AI digital human interaction, adding a futuristic touch.Automatic track setting for walking, allowing for versatile applications in various scenarios.
Intelligent obstacle avoidance, automatically navigating around obstacles while comprehensively sensing the surrounding environment.
Support for capacitive touch, enabling human-machine interaction.

NavTec Vision Specifications

Transparent display screen- Size: 55 Inch- Backlight type: OLED- Display resolution: 1920*1080- Ratio: 16 : 9- Luminance: 150 – 400 cd / ㎡- Contrast ratio: 100000:1- Viewing angle: 178°/178°R- Response time: 0.1ms (Gray To Gray)- Color depth: 10bit (R), 1.07 billion colors- Configuration System (To Be Determined):  - AD board: T982  - CPU: Quad-core Cortex-A55, main frequency up to 1.92GHz  - Internal storage: 2G  - Memory: 16G  - Operating system: Android 11  - Touch: Capacitive touch, 10-point control- Power battery parameters:  - Power supply input: AC 220V  - Battery voltage: 43.2V  - Battery capacity: 38.4V 25Ah  - Charging method: Automatic recharge at low charge rate, manual return within 5.5 hours  - Battery life: Over 2,000 complete charge and release cycles- Complete machine power consumption: < 250W- Work environment:  - Performance period: 7 days, 12 hours each  - Working temperature: 0℃~40℃  - Use humidity: 20%~80%- Structure:  - Material quality: Tempered glass + sheet metal  - Outline dimension: 1775*770*572mm (detailed in the structural dimensions diagram)
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