Outdoor Media Facade LED Strip

The new LED Transparent Media Video Strip for glass facades, turning the facade into a video screen while not blocking the view for office workers. Lots of potential applications with this type of video screen, installation cost effective , easy to install and lightweight and a powerful way for video presentations and advertising.

Product advantages

1. Light weight, only 3.5KG/m2, easy installation and service

2. Energy-saving, max power consumption 140W/m2

3. High transparency rate up to 88%, no blocking of viewing from inside of the building;

4. Low wind resistance;

5. Support various videos and pictures format playing

6. Various types of installation, suitable for installation on most of the buildings

Application advantage:

1. Easy and simple installation, suitable for large-area construction and installation

2. High degree of color reproduction, wide viewing angle, wide spreading area, and remarkable playback effect

3. The installation back is simple and transparent, without affecting indoor lighting and ventilation

4. Strong installation flexibility, suitable for various architectural structures

5. The best choice for city lighting, building advertising screens, and advertising screens for brand stores

Installation & Product Videos Information Technology

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