Stick On Video Screen

Stick On Transparent Video Screen

Skyline Series Transparent film LED display solutions is made of see-through PC and a special self-adhesive material, making it relatively easy to install and use. With a film panel which is 3mm thickness & 2.5 kgs persq.m, Skyline Series transparent film LED display solutions are very easy to handle and setup. This film LED panel has a pixel pitch of 4mm to 20 mm and custom-made panel size, delivering 85% transparency. what's more, the transparent LED display panels have 6000 NIT brightness, it can be widely used in theater, museum, stadium, airport, shopping mall window glass indoor and outdoor.

How affective is adhesive transparent video screens on building window advertising?

Adhesive transparent video screens can be very effective tool for building window advertising. The screens utilise transparent video LED technology, allowing them to be placed directly on windows without obstructing the view from inside the building One major advantage of adhesive transparent video screens is their ability to attract attention and engaged viewers . The screens can display vibrant,high resolution video content, making them eye-catching an appealing to passerby. This can greatly increase the effectiveness of advertising messages, as they can be displayed in a dynamic and visually appealing manner.Another benefit is that the screens can be easily applied and removed making a versatile and cost-effective advertising solution. They can be applied to various types of windows and can be customised to fit different sizes and shapes.Additionally the removal process is relatively simple and does not leave behind any residue or damage to the window surface.Furthermore,Adhesive transparent video screens allow natural light to pass through, maintaining the interior brightness and visibility. This insures that the buildings occupants can still enjoy a clear view while the screens are in use. It is worth mentioning that the effectiveness of any advertising method can vary depending on various factors, such as the specific location, target audience, content quality, and the overall advertising strategy. Conducting thorough research analysis, as well as implementing a well design advertising campaign, can further enhance the effectiveness of adhesive transparent video screens . Click on link for more details on our stick on transparent video screen 

Up to 85% transparency!

Up to 85% transparency, don’t block natural Light in building, no additional steel structure required.

Thin & Light

The film panel is only just 3mm thickness. It weighs just 1.6 kgs per panel and has minimum pressure on the glass surface while blending seamlessly with it. The flexible film offers any shape design and horizontal & vertical.Extreme brightness 6000nits max, lower power consumption. You can enjoy videos during day time outdoor.

Power & Video

Anti - UV

Anti-UV material, 10 years' yellowing resistancelonger Lifespan

Easy Stick On

Paste on window glass with self-adhesive glue-water,fixed with frame of window glass

Application Videos

TEC Series Stick On Screen

Restaurant Application

Toyota Car Dealership Rome ITALY

Glass Facade Project

Marriot Hotel NC USA

Shanghai International Airport

A couple of years ago our client installed P6 Adhesive Transparent Video Panels to three glass elevator facades at the Rome, Leonardo da Vinci International Airport Aeroporto internazionale. Just peel off the panels and apply, then connect power and video connections. Clients are able to upload advertisements as well as arrival and departure times. The new TEC series is now available with 4mm pixels(higher resolution) very impressive not to mention much lower price. It’s a great time to turn your windows into a video screen.

Adhesive transparent  video screens provide a number of retail applications including

1. Attracting attention: adhesive transparent video screens are eye-catching and have the ability to draw shoppers attention. As a result, using these screens can increase foot traffic and generate more sales.
2. Showcasing products: retailers can use the screens to showcase products in a visually engaging way. The screens can display product information product videos or product images that entice shoppers to purchase.
3. Enhancing store layout: adhesive transparent video screens can be installed directly onto store Windows or shelving. This means that they can be used to create a unique aesthetically pleasing store layout that sets the retailer apart from competitors.
4. Creating multifunctional Displays: The screens can be used as both advertising and merchandising displays. They can be installed to show promotional videos and images while also showcasing products at all the same time.
5. Cost-effective: adhesive transparent video screens are cost-effective compare to traditional displays. They eliminate the need for additional hardware and and installation costs, and can be easily replaced or updated with new content. To learn more contact us 

Grocery Store


Commercial Building

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