T-Pro Outdoor  Transparent Screen

 Maximize Your Outdoor Advertising Impact with T-Pro Outdoor Transparent Video Screen

Discover the Power of Outdoor Transparent Video Screens in Advertising
  1. Attention grabbing: transparent screens with moving images will attract attention and stand out from traditional billboards, increasing the likelihood that people take notice of the advertisement.
  2. Interactive: transparent screens can be touch sensitive, allowing viewers to interact with the advertisement and engage with the brand.
  3. Space saving: because they’re  transparent,  these screens don’t take up much space and can be placed in areas where traditional billboards might not fit such a storefront windows or entryways.
  4. impressions: with their unique appearance, transparent screens have higher chances of making a strong impression on viewers, which can increase the chances of those viewers remembering the ad and taking action.
  5. Versatile: the flexibility of transparent screens allow for the use of a range of visuals, from dynamic video content to static images, animations, and other interactive features especially good for 3-D animations. 
  6. Overall transparent video screens offer a unique marketing opportunity to reach audiences in a visually impactful and memorable way and a very cost-effective and energy-efficient, to learn more contact us.


High Transparency & High Wind-resistance: With a transmittance of 70%, it ensures the lighting requirements and viewing angle range of lighting structures such as between floors, glass facade windows, etc
Ultra Thin and light design: Die-casting aluminium cabinet, weight only 7.9Kg, thickness only 65mm, making the whole screen light, and easy to install and maintain


Pro Rental Transparent Video Rental Screen is the perfect rental outdoor screen for AV companies for temporary and permanent installations.

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