Temperature measuring vertical & wall-mounted

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Body temperature detection + face recognition + scan code + IC card (optional detection method)

Wall Mounted Type

Product Information

Dewo establishes the first line of defense through non-contact temperature measurement and accurate matching of personnel and temperature; rapid body temperature of personnel at train stations, bus stations, subway stations, stadiums, office buildings, large event sites, production enterprises Screening to reduce the risk of cross infection of infectious diseases.

The non-contact body temperature measurement solution provided by Dewo is very suitable for current epidemic prevention needs. It has the advantages of high temperature measurement accuracy, fast response speed, all-weather online monitoring, and rapid deployment. It can replace the original temperature gun and reduce the risk of secondary infection. Joint prevention, joint control and concerted efforts to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.



  • Integrate face recognition, temperature detection, scanning, and IC card reader
  • High accuracy temperature measurement and fast refresh rate
  • online monitoring
  • Face tracking technology makes it easier to in and out
  • 0.3S-0.5S Fast recognition speed, time-consuming as low as 0.3S-0.5S
  • High recognition accuracy and low misread rate
  • Automatic fill light, works normally in the dark
  • Support 10,000-level base library, support offline 20,000 faces
  • Support network disconnection (offline mode) work
  • Support network disconnection (offline mode) work
  • Display actual human body temperature detected during work, alarm when exceeding 37.3 ℃

One machine with multiple uses: temperature measurement, employee access management, visitor management, attendance, turnstile

1. Convenient and save management cost

2. Convenient management and prevent forgetting to punch card

3. Visitor invitation


Face recognition

  • CPU - 64-bit high-performance CPU, 2.0GHz; 1. Dual Cortex-A72 large core + quad Cortex-A53 small core 64-bit CPU 2. Built-in low-power MCU Cortex-M0
  • RAM - 2GB Samsung LPDDR3, clocked at 532MHZ, (4GB optional)
  • Storage - 16GB EMMC, (32GB optional)
  • Network - Standard 10 / 100M / 1000M Ethernet interface
  • USB - 1* onboard, support OTG / HOST switch
  • Display - 8 inch, resolution 800 * 1280, MIPI interface, IPS
  • Camera - Binocular wide dynamic 2 million visible / infrared camera, (support infrared fill light)
  • Fill light - White light fill function, support dynamic adjustment of fill light brightness
  • Light-sensitive - Supports ambient light detection function to determine whether the fill light function is turned on
  • Somatosensory - Support object movement detection function, someone will automatically start face recognition application when approaching
  • Tamper - Supports anti-tampering, adopts high-precision sensors, and automatically alarms when the device is dismantled
  • Speaker - 1W‐1.5W/8
  • 3G/4G - Support standard MINI PCIE interface
  • Bluetooth - V4.1 OF 1, 2 AND 3 MBPS. (2402 MHZ ~ 2480 MHZ )
  • RTC real-time clock - Support for RTC battery
  • Touch screen - 8-inch G + G capacitive touch screen, support multi-touch
  • Card reader - Support reading various MIFARE and compatible card numbers, support reading second generation ID card numbers
  • Real-time temperature monitoring - Support
  • verification method

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