Trailer LED Displays

ATL- SANSI Trailer LED Display Series Designed for mobile display

Display Performance:

1. High brightness Low consumption Long lifespan

2. Full color & Bi-color LED & Monochromatic LED

3. Multiple pixel pitches

4. Both solar charging version and normal power supply version 5. Brightness adaptive & Automatic energy saving

6. Battery voltage monitoring function, extending battery lifespan 7. Local control & Remote wireless control

8. Fanless heat dissipation & Low equipment maintenance rate

Trailer Performance:

1. The trailer adopts hot-dip galvanizing process and stainless steel screw, highly rustproof. 2. Hydraulic lifting (1.5m)

3. Equipped with hydraulic braking and electromagnetic braking, Safe and reliable.

4. Each corner of the frame is installed with extendable feet, which can be extended to 600mm,highly windproof.

Three Models

XS Series

Trailer Advertising Sign, (Normal Power Supply)

Professional visual performance,new generation commercial display technology

  • Full color LED display with high resolution ·

  • Delivering true-to-life images

  • Promoting commercial values

XL Series

(Solar Charging)

Trailor Advertising Sign

Low energy consumption & Environmental protection

· Switch to normal power supply on rainy days, guaranteeing use in any weather. · Solar charging system :

Independent charging, convenient operation Low consumption and environmental protection

VMS Series

(Solar Charging) Traffic Guidelines

High Brightness & High reliability

Autonomous Charging & Convenient to Move for Your Needs

·Solar charging system with high-intensity, which finds a solution to the frequent move and power supply problems of the guide cars.

·The high brightness display meets the special requirements of long-distance observation and strong light in the highway environment, and builds a powerful carrier for traffic information broadcasting.

·The display system maintains stable operation in a changing natural environment, greatly reducing failure rate.