Transparent LED Video Displays

LED Transparent Video Display Units

Apply to glass and turn your windows into a video screen.

Adhesive LED Display presentation

The major advantage of our Adhesive LED Display is its light weight, thinness, high permeation ratio and it is easy to install. Adhesive LED Display also known as Sticky screen, we devote to meeting the global needs of LED screens. Our adhesive LED Display product series adopts our self-developed bare die chip driver IC and light emitting chip that uses micron-grade light source.We install those components on PCB or FPC board which has high transparency rate.Through specially designed solid glue,the whole display unit is integrated into an optical light emitting lens base board,with a minimum thickness of less than 1mm-3mm.

1.4. Range applications of Adhesive LED Display:

A . Adhesive LED Display can stick on the building glass walls of the building. The ADs could be displayed on the Adhesive LED Display that stick on the city landmark building.

B . The stores glass windows along the street.

C . Banks, real estate, Car 4S shops windows etc.

D . Subway entrance.

E . Glass guard rails.

F .Interior decoration: shopping malls stores decoration, exhibition hall .

Two Installation Methods

Adhesive Transparent Panels Applied Direct To Windows

There are two methods of installing the ultra thin video panels to glass, one is applying directly to the glass with the provided adhesive film and connecting the video and power hubs.

Ultra Thin Transparent Panels Applied Behind Glass Windows

Custom panels with thin aluminium frame to fit the glass panels, this is recommeded when window is facing sunlight, the aluminium fames are either hung or bolted behind window frame.

Portugal, Spain

Ultra Thin Transparent Video Panels Bolted Behind Glass Window, P10mm Pixel

Marriott Hotel USA Installation in North Carolina

Adhesive Tranparent Video Panels Applied Directly To Glass Windows, P6.5mm Pixels

Flexible Standard Transparent Panel.

Ultra Thin & Flexible

Standard P6.5mm Pixels Panels

Adhesive Panel

Product Information

The Unique Ultra Transparent LED Video Film Technology, will turn glass windows and facades into Dynamic Video, by directly stick the module to the glass surface.

The non bezel, frameless, ultra lightweight LED Video Film guarantees the highest transparency and lowest weight possible. Because of the Ultra thin and cuttable design, this display solution fits any size.

With a adjustable brightness level up to 500-8000 Nits, The Adhesive LED thin-film screen is the brightest transparent and most lightweight Display in the world.

Adhesive Panels

Ultra Light weight 3- 5KG per m2 Ultra Thin module 3 - 5mm High transparency rate Brightness adjustable; Cuttable Flexible and curvable; NO Bezel, no steel structure needed Easy Install, stick glass or hang behind the glass with rollable option Easy and quick transportation;Video Imaging. Easy maintenance and replace LED’s module 20-40% lower power consumption as traditional LED displays


Toyota Dealership Rome, Italy

Two recent installation of the Ultra Thin Transparent Video Displays, First one in Rome Italy installed by our partner Mood Italy, CEO Lorenzo Fragola and his team did a very nice and clean installation for a local small Toyota car dealership, Using P6.5mm pixels they applied adhesive video panels directly to the inside windows and did a very good job of hiding the power and video cables, In Italy you can call Mood Italy on +33 686 31 -8689. 2nd installation is a large install of P10 transparent panels, this installation the panels come in Aluminium frame and bolted behind the windows, this is so the panels wont buckle under the heat if applied directly to the windows

Marriott Hotel, North Carolina, USA

Marriott Hotel Project North Carolina USA, Installed P6.5 Adhesive transparent video Panels. Applied direct to windows. Installed by USA ATL Dealer ImaginT, Texas based company

Toyota Dealership Installation, Rome, Italy

Marriot Hotel Project Video, USA

More Applications

Shanghai International Airport

Shanghai International Airport


Building Facade Project

Glass Dome Project

Portugal Project

Milan, Italy Fashion Store Project

Portugal Project

Ultra Thin Transparent Video Panels Applied to Glass Guardrails

Fashion Store Project, Milan, Italy

P10mm Pixels Portugal Project

Dubia Building Facade Project

Dallas Texas Signage Store Project

Ultra Thin Aluminium Custom Panel Installation

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