high pixel transparent video screen

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Highest Pixel LED Transparent Screen in the world

Just released is the worlds first high pixel led transparent video screen using symmetric pitch leds. Unique as it still maintains a high transparency while vastly improving the quality of the image on the screen. One of the major problems with transparent screens is how to balance pixels with transparency, you will notice a lot of even close viewing transparency screens are still very pixelated and image quality low, now with this model will give clients who want close viewing transparent video screen with high quality image. This is upmarket premium product with a lot of new technology and vast improvements over traditional transparent screens. 

Pixel P2.6 6x2.6 and P3.47 x 3.47

High transparency can reach up to 80%

High transparence with INFINITE  possiblities 

Bright with up to 5000 nits

High refresh rate and incredible image quality for transparent screen,

Excellent colour and contrast while maintaining high transparency

Modules can be  replaced

Light aluminium structure 

Modular design 

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Phone +64 21 1914 524