More Projects

A big problem solved!

A client at the Shanghai pavilion wanted to have a LED Billboard mounted on the outside of their glass facade, the problem is they did not want the LED screen to block the light and view going into the offices, normally we can put our adhesive clear screens applied direct to the glass but in this case the screen would be covering three floors, so in order for their to be a continuous screen our Shanghai team mounted a strong glass screen in a solid steel frame outside of the glass windows, then applied directly P10 IP65 adhesive clear video panels to the class to create a transparent video billboard. All this without blocking the view and light to the offices, problem solved! S

Recent installation of transparent Video screens. installed in Astronomical Town, locating at Guizhou, China. The project is extremely creative and innovative, and the effect is magnificent. It has attracted countless tourists to take photos and have become a typical tourist gathering place.

Pixel Pitch: 15.625mm

Brightness: 5000-5500nits

Transparency: 85%

Media Area: 3758sqm; The project is distributed in east and west areas (the east area consists of 20 LED rhombus display screens, and the west area consists of 16 LED rhombus display screens),The transparent display with a total area of 3758.4 square meters and a single area of 104.4 square meters.

WHEN YOU WANT A VIDEO SCREEN TO PUT YOU IN THE PICTURE! With the advancement in Mini LED technology (Micro Pitch LEDS) we can produce better and brighter video screens to bring to life images that make you feel you are in the picture. Introducing out TXP Ultra Slim Micro Pitch LED Display, Super Slim - 20mm,this is the amazing depth of TXP tile. This unique feature makes TXP a game changer. Now it is the time for LED to penetrate into the market belongs to tiled LCD or projector in the past.

Support DCI P3 Color Gamut

The color gamut of TX platform products can be as bigger as DCI P3 standard. Compared with Rec. 709, there are more red and green color to be shown, and the blue is more precise.


TX platform micro-pitch LED display is ideal for 4K and 8K. The screen size is reduced to 108 inches for 4K display (at 0.625mm pixel pitch), making it an excellent choice for meeting rooms and control rooms in the 5G era.