TXP Ultra Slim Micro Pitch LED Display

TX platform is the latest generation micro-pitch LED display products from our manufacture patners at Leyard. The new series product inherits the excellent performance of Leyard's fine pitch LED display. Represents the market needs and lead the fine pitch product into the micro pitch era. The new size allows the micro-pitch (MINI LEDS) LED display to be used in applications that originally belong to projection or tiled LCD products, to better utilize the outstanding features of LED products in terms of brightness, contrast, color, seamless, etc. OUR TXP0093 model is microscopic LEDs for even more seperior viewing.

TXP Ultra Slim Micro Pitch LED Display


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Super Slim - 20mm

20mm, this is the amazing depth of TXP tile. This unique feature makes TXP a game changer. Now it is the time for LED to penetrate into the market belongs to tiled LCD or projector in the past.

Support DCI P3 Color Gamut

The color gamut of TX platform products can be as bigger as DCI P3 standard. Compared with Rec. 709, there are more red and green color to be shown, and the blue is more precise.


TX platform products deliver an amazing viewing experience. The incredible short viewing distance will introduce the products to brand-new applications.


TX platform micro-pitch LED display is ideal for 4K and 8K. The screen size is reduced to 108 inches for 4K display (at 0.625mm pixel pitch), making it an excellent choice for meeting rooms and control rooms in the 5G era.

Realize Ultra High Definition 4K, 8K Display

The modular design of TX series makes ultra-high-definition physical resolution display easier to implement. The micro-pitch LED products enable a more reasonable picture size for indoor 4K and 8K screens.

Easy to Upgrade Display Resolution

The TX series adopts a modular design, and the control system supports 2K to 4K upgrades. It only needs to replace the control module to upgrade the screen from 2K to 4K.

Advanced Motion Compensation

LED features Nanosecond response time, the internal between ON and OFF is extremely short. It could rapidly response without Visual Staying Phenomenon, very clear. It has big advantage for those applications requiring super good dynamic rendering effect. The self emitting mode for LED needs no response time, no visual staying phenomenon happened even when people observe the rapid movement objects.

High Dynamic Range(Optional)

Support HDR function to meet more display requirements.

Common Cathode Drive Mode

Common cathode drive mode allows precise voltage control. While reducing heat generation, the power consumption and probability of LED damage are effectively reduced, and the average life of LEDs is improved.

Pixel by Pixel Brightness and Color Calibration

Professional pixel-by-pixel brightness and color calibration, not full screen calibration, high precision, color uniformity <±0.003 (at 6500K white balance).

Advanced Image Processing Technology

Leyard master control has strong video processing and correction data calculation capabilities to output high-definition video images. It has broadcast-quality video processing technology, 10bit grayscale and 16bit color processing capabilities, can display 281 trillion colors. It automatically adapts to 50/60Hz signal source, scans frame by frame to improve picture clarity, and has high image resolution, image can be restored pixel by pixel, clear and sharp. It also performs image noise reduction, sharpening, color optimization and color temperature adjustment.

Color Enhancement

> Color enhancement processing improves the useful information in the image.

> Make dim image clear and bright or emphasize certain features.

> Enlarge the difference between features of different objects in the image and suppress features that are not of interest.

> Improve image quality, enrich information, and enhance image interpretation and recognition.

Image Noise Reduction

Automatic image noise reduction to make the image smoother and enhance viewing experience.

Image Sharpening

Sharpening images by video processor can reveal more details and textures, enhance the grayscale contrast, and better identify the image features.

Superior Heat Management

TXP series uses the latest heat flow control technology to ensure uniform heat dissipation inside the panel, thus ensuring uniformity of display and delaying the light decay of LED lamps.

6-axis Alignment

> A uniform tool can be used for X/Y/Z 6-axis adjustment between panels.

> Module can be easily adjusted in Z-direction, and flatness can be optimized again.

More Product Features

TXF product features

1. The product range is from 0.9375 to 2.5;

2. Display color gamut from NTSC to DCI-P3;

3. The construction is convenient, and a single person can realize all the front maintenance of each part of the product;

4. Simply replace the parts, you can upgrade from 2K to 4K;

5. The cabinet can achieve IP63 protection level;

6. The Z-direction adjustment of the module is convenient, and the flatness can be optimized again according to the assembly situation on site;

7. X/Y/Z six directions can be adjusted between the cabinets, and the field tools are unified;


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