Ultra Slim Interactive Display

The Ultimate Meeting Room Visual Solution Bigger Than The Biggest. iAT Series Display

Leyard ultra slim interactive LED display brings a visual experience to the meeting room. It overcomes the size limitations of LCD displays, and delivers a crisp visual perfomance under the sunlight that projectors can never achieve, All these quailties fit into an ultra slim body. ATL Lighting Systems has team with world renound top display manufacture Leyard to bring you the best business visual solutions. Straight from the manufacture to world wide clients.

Intergrated Product Design

From simple text to high quality video and sound dicussion content, a good conference display terminal plays a very important and most basic role in conferecne. The ease of operation seriously effects the quality of the meeting so to impress your clients in your company professionalism. Make your comunications smooth and be confident in your presentations.

Screen is only 29.5mm Thick

Precise Colour Mangerment System

Bulit In Theme Templates