Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard!! In many public places we use keyboards often, such as with ATM machines, elevator buttons and many more, when theres a pandemic these areas are a hot spot for cross infection, introducing our Virtual Keyboard, no physical screen at all, using the worlds leading interactive aerial imaging technology. Device sensitive and easy to operate in milliseconds, completely cuts off contact to avoid cross contamination. The device has a viewing angle to protect the user interface information from other people viewing your pass codes. The device can be customised to fit with terminals.

Public service equipment Contactless elevator button terminal

The contactless elevator button terminal integrates internationally leading interactive aerial imaging technology, which can be seamlessly connected without disturbing the conventional elevator system. The elevator is a public scene with a lot of people. The button system is widely used every day. Most of the existing elevators have physical buttons, which need to be operated after contact, and there is a huge risk of bacterial cross infection. The contactless elevator button system images the operation interface in the air, and does not rely on physical display media. Override elevator button, there is no contact in the whole process, the interaction is correspondingly sensitive, the imaging is more scientific and technological, the useer process is stable, safe and reliable,

Virtual Keyboard

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Our enginners can work with clients to customise for non contact applications.

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