Wall Mounted Touch LCD Tablet

Wall Mounted LCD Advertising Screen

ATL wall hanging Advertising Machine


1. Cloud remote publishing

2. Real-time monitoring in the cloud

3. Cloud big data statistical effect

4. U disk automatic identification wheel seeding

5. Reservation switch, time sharing

6. Pictures and videos are shown on separate screens

7. Compatible with multi - format LOGO marking more convenient

8. Touch interactive ads are more appealing

1.Cloud release

Unified management of different places

Users can manage ads scattered across the country on any mobile phone or computer and post or update ads with one click.

2.Cloud audit, real-time monitoring screen

   By using the information release system independently developed by Shu Yong, each advertisement can be reviewed in the cloud, and the images of each AD machine can be viewed in the cloud at any time.

3.Cloud big data

Intelligent capture statistics

Which advertising is more interactive, which marketing is more effective, through intelligent statistics server, to help managers better adjust marketing strategies, easily promote enterprise benefit maximisation .

4.U disk automatic recognition Picture/video/music on wheels

   You can insert a USB flash drive or SD card for automatic recognition. You can also copy the contents of the USB flash drive with one click and unplug it. Pictures/videos/music will be played in a loop automatically.

5.Time-sharing play Schedule the switch

   While meeting the marketing needs of different stages, it can also reduce expenses and save resources. With simple operation, the marketing effect is flourishing.

6. 12 Split screen template Support for customisation

Landscape screen, portrait screen, dynamic video, still pictures, any combination at the same time, split screen support custom fine tuning, so that advertising creativity has unlimited space to play.