Wrist infrared thermometry

About The Wrist Tempreature Measurement

Wrist infrared thermometry column is designed and developed by dewo R & D team according to relevant standards. Through infrared detection, non-contact thermometry can be used to quickly screen the temperature of personnel in railway station, bus station, subway station, gymnasium, office building, hospital, large-scale activity site, production enterprise and other places, so as to reduce the risk of cross infection of infectious diseases.

It is widely used in subway station, gymnasium, office building, railway station, school, hospital, etc. With high temperature measurement accuracy, fast response, 24/7 online. It can replace the original body temperature gun and reduce the risk of secondary infection.

Product Features

  • 1cm~5cm Non-contact temperature measurement: it can detect the wrist temperature of the personnel passing the security door. Completely replace the handheld temperature thermometer.
  • Initial screening of human body temperature: it can be set through the safe temperature threshold, and there is an alarm tone when the threshold is exceeded
  • Body temperature voice prompt: real time voice broadcast of test body temperature
  • Body temperature LCD screen prompt: Normal body temperature screen shows green, high temperature screen shows red
  • 4.3 "touch screen: the normal temperature screen is green, and the high temperature screen is red
  • Height adjustment: various height columns can be selected to meet different height requirements
  • Column design: Small footprint, convenient installation. Breathing lamp design makes the product appearance more attractive
  • Modular component design: Convenient transportation and maintenance


  • Power supply - 12V
  • Power - <20W
  • LCD screen - 4.3 "touch screen:
  • Material of cylinder - Aluminium alloy (XP-260) / profile (XP-290)

Face recognition

  • Operating temperature -10℃~60℃
  • Temperature measurement range - -40℃~85℃
  • Optimal test distance - 1cm~5cm
  • Resolution - 0.02℃
  • Temperature measurement error - < ± 0.5 ℃ (under the greenhouse)
  • Temperature setting - The initial temperature setting is 37.3 ° C (adjustable)

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