XL- iPoster LED Mobile Kiosk

Bigger is better when it comes to LED Video Posters, like our new XL-iPoster, at 1920mm high and 640mm wide is larger than standard LED Posters and with higher pixel resolution of 2mm.A must for exhibition companies which these units come in Roadcase carry 1-4 units per case. Easy set up and you can control by phone app. Good for retailers for on the spot promotions as well as connect multiple units together to play one large video content. Incredible diverse visual marketing tool.

Excellent For Exhibitions

There are several advertising benefits of using LED mobile video kiosk for exhibitions, including:1, high visibility: LED mobile video kiosks are designed to be eye-catching and have a high visibility. They can be placed to strategically to attract the attention of attendees, which can increase brand exposure and recognition. 
2. Dynamic Content: These kiosks can display dynamic content such as videos, images, and animations. This can effectively convey your message and showcase your products and services.
3. Interactive: many LED mobile video kiosks interactive and allow attendees to engage with the Content which can increase engagement and interest in your brand.
4. Easy to use: These kiosks are easy to use and operate. You can update the Content regularly to keep it fresh and relevant to your audience.
5. Cost effective: Compared to traditional advertising methods, using LED mobile video kiosks for exhibitions can be a cost-effective way to advertise your brand.
Overall, LED mobile video kiosk are a great way to attract attention, engage with attendees, and showcase your products and services at exhibitions and other similar events. 

A Great Solution For Retail

Why is it good to use mobile video kiosks in retail stores?Using a mobile video kiosk in retail stores has several benefits, such as 1. Increase engagement: customers are more likely to engage with interactive, engaging displays that use video content.
2. Improved Sales: a mobile video kiosk can be used to showcase products and services and provide customers with information that can help influence purchasing decisions. This can lead to increase sales for the retail store.
3. Enhanced customer experience: By providing customers with a Digital enhanced shopping experience, retailers can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
4. Versatility: a mobile video kiosk can be easily moved around the store, allowing retailers to experiment with different locations to determine the most effective placement.
5. Cost effective: implementing a mobile video kiosk is a relatively affordable way to improve the shopping experience, without requiring significant investment in infrastructure and building remodelling.        Right now we have 20% off on ATL – XL video kiosk, shipping worldwide direct from our factory p.m. for more information.      

Thin & Lightweight

The screen has a slim and lightweight body, but it is very durable because of the high - strength aluminium profile material. Considering that the whole screen weighs only 45kg, its very portable and simple to set up.

Product Design

Multi Colours To Choose From

HD Seamless Display

HD seamless display and plug & play media players are provided. The digital content can be easily transferred to build - in media player using WIFI or USB

Network Intergreation

Remote centralized -control enables users control all  the screens and manage digital content just at their offices. Besides, the controlling system supports mirroring mode and extended mode.

Multiple Installation Options

The screen has fold -out standing, hanging and wall mounting installing options with vertical, horizon and sideling installing postions available. Among these options, fold out standing options is movable and more flexible.

Fold-out Standing

Sideline Installation

Hanging Installation

Shaping Installation

XL- iPoster Size

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Pixel Pitch 1.53mm

Pixel Pitch 2mm

Widely used in Subway stations, railway station, airport, retail and exhibitions.